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      Gazza Ladra creates timeless objects of beauty

    infused lavishly from ancient symbology and myths across cultures.

     The jewels vibrate with the twin energies of the sun and the sea.

    The collection embraces universal symbols of luck, truth and wisdom.

    Meaningful talismans meant to serve as reminders of our values, beliefs and our connection to our home, the earth.

     All jewels are handcrafted in New York City with the utmost attention to quality and detail using only ethically sourced materials, they are meant to be worn with passion everyday and passed on for generations.


     Setton Setton De Poortere la Gazza Ladra

    Sunny Setton De Poortere

    The shiver of camel bells, the temples of Phoenicia, the mountains of cappadocia, the scent of jasmine trailing a desert caravan, the unblinking eye of Horus casting it's benevolent gaze from Luxor over the Nile valley, cool lapis, warm coral...
     These are some of the Gazza Ladra's inspirations.
     A magpie attracted to shiny objects, Sunny designs with a migratory spirit and a sense of endless gratitude for the cultures on this breathtaking planet.