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    What talisman is right for you?

    Gazza Ladra jewels are infused with symbology, modern or ancient.


    below please find a little guide with some of the inspiration and meaning behind our talismans.


    Gold lion talisman necklace GAZZA LADRA


    Lion: The effigy of the lion has been a symbol of power and bravery for centuries. The lion, with It’s thick mane around its head resembles the Sun and it’s rays. As the king (or queen) of the jungle, the lion is a universal symbol of  poised strength.

    Wear the lion to show your pride, elevate your strength and align yourself with champions of the ancient world. 


    The Breathe Gold necklace Gazza Ladra Fine Jewelry

    Breathe:  According to ancient Chinese medicine, the lungs control the flow of Qi in the body, the vital force or mana that flows through all people on earth. Qi must be balanced for optimal health and learning to control one's breath is the path to mastering qi. 

    The Breathe necklace can help remind the wearer to be more present in each breath, to live in the moment. It is also a reminder to take deep breaths in times of trouble or stress. When we take the time to breathe before reacting to outside stimuli, we are able to attain more clarity in our minds and our responses are less  clouded by ego and anger. 




    Gold She Wolf Talisman Necklace Gazza Ladra

    She Wolf : The wolf is respected and feared the world over.

     It’s sharp instincts and intelligence, makes this beautiful animal one of the most powerful in the world and it’s way of living reflects both social connectedness and freedom.

    The She wolf is also the mother and savior of Romulus and Remus. The twins abandoned on the banks of the Tiber river as babies were adopted and brought up by a She Wolf in her den. As legend goes they would grow up to be natural leaders and founders of the city of Rome.



     Gold recycle symbol necklace Recycled diamonds

    Recycle: A very relevant and important symbol today, the recycle talisman is a reminder to use  the materials we take from the earth wisely and with respect. We must find ways to re-duce our consumption, re-use materials whenever possible and if materials cannot be reused, they should be properly recycled giving them new meaning and purpose.

    Re-Use, Re- Duce, Re- Cycle is our mantra! Before buying new products, we should think about what their life cycle will be. Wearing this symbol is a daily reminder, to help our planet!

    First created in 1970 by the young graphic design student Gary Anderson, each arrow in the symbol represents a step in the recycling process: collecting waste, breaking and reforming the materials and ultimately reusing them. 


    Less is More: We live in a highly consumerist society with tremendous amounts of excess and waste, a society in which compulsive buying seems to have replaced faith or spirituality...we feel it is important to cut back on consumption. 

    In an effort to try to make our lives clearer and more in balance, we go through a process of cutting out the clutter of material objects, clothing, accessories and things in general.... 

    The Less is More talisman embodies this philosophy, to live a life free of the clutter as it will bring you more joy and happiness. 

    The mathematical symbols engraved in the talisman include the less < equals = and more than > coming together and crossing over from their mathematical origins to something more philosophical than the sum of their parts. 

    The Less is More talisman is for those who seek the virtues of simplicity and clarity. For those who embrace a more deliberate way of being and wish to carry this reminder with them.  



     Gold Yin and Yang Talisman necklace with red enamel

    Yin + Yang: This ancient Chinese symbol represents the philosophy of the duality of life and a quest for balance. This beautiful symbol visually describes how seemingly opposite forces, can actually live together in balance and harmony. 

    The Yin represents the passive and life sustaining nature of the universe,  associated with the fertile earth or woman. The Yang represents the vibrant and energized, heat and light. Only when combined can these two forces create the earth and all the people within it. 

    The Yin + Yang talisman reminds the wearer that ideas, things and people are complementary, interconnected and interdependent, there cannot be joy without sorrow, no sweet without sour, all things demand an opposite to reach balance.



    Falcon: Native Americans believed falcons to be divine creatures rising in the sky with the spirits of the Sun,  the moon and stars.

    The Falcon is associated with power and fiery solar energy. The falcon is also associated with the virtues of strength, loyalty and determination.




    Phoenix: With appearances in Greek and Egyptian texts, the phoenix is a firebird spirit that has existed for centuries. The legend tells that a phoenix will live for 500 years before dying in a show of flames, from those ashes a new phoenix will be reborn. In this way the Phoenix’s story is that of rebirth and rejuvenation.

     The Egyptians compared the phoenix to the life-giving ebbs and flows of the Nile river. It will recede only to flood again in the summer bringing precious nutrients to the soil. In Rome the phoenix represented the strength of the empire, which sometimes brakes down only to rise once again. For christian’s in Europe, the phoenix had obvious parallels to Jesus Christ, dying on the cross only to rise again on the third day. 

    Wearers of the phoenix talisman are those looking for new clarity in their life, those in search of starting over and embracing the continual process of change. This talisman empowers the wearer with persistence, with an energy to keep striving in creative and professional pursuits. No matter how many times the phoenix is struck down, it will rise again. 


    Gold Moon Talisman necklace with thin gold chain

    Moon : The moon is often associated with the feminine. This symbol represents the rhythm of time as it embodies a cycle. The phases of the moon create an ebb and flow in our seas and in ourselves. 

    In an interesting dichotomy, the moon is also associated with the darker side of our souls and at the same time with fertility and re-birth.

    Choose this talisman to unify your kinship with the night or to find more balance with the cycles of nature. 

     Big Sun Gold Necklace Talisman Gazza Ladra

    Sun talismans are believed to endow the wearer with vibrant, radiant energy. The sun is the bestower of light and warmth in our universe and in our lives.

     On a spiritual level, the Sun enlightens and illuminates, it is the source of wisdom, power, and life itself.


    Evil Eye Protection Necklace Gold Talisman


    Eye Talisman
    The eye has been used as a symbol of protection on our planet for thousands of years. Across oceans, continents, cultures, and religions, from the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus to the all-seeing eye of providence in Christianity. 

    The eye symbolizes protection, power, and good health. Ancient Egyptian and Middle-Eastern sailors would frequently paint the eye symbol on the bows of their vessels to ensure safe sea travel. Still today in many parts of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the eye symbol is worn to ward off “the evil eye” or the jealous energy other people may send your way.


    Heart Talismans Gold Necklace



    A clear link to your loved ones, the earliest record of a heart talisman dates back to the ancient Indus valley civilization and it became more popular in Europe during the middle ages.

    Heart talismans are worn to strengthen the bond you hold with the ones you love and they also act as daily reminders to spread the love to all living beings on this earth.


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    Is there a symbol that represnets you, your roots. your story,  we would be honored to design it together. Please contact us : info@gazzaladrajewelry.com